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venerdì, aprile 29, 2011

Intervista a Lena Headey

Qui di seguito l'intervista alla Regina dei sette regni =]

<<Quando Lena entra nella stanza verde presso gli studi della CBS di Los Angeles, lei in un primo momento sembra più piccola dei suoi 5 '5 "di statura, le spalle in avanti, con entrambe le mani stringeva la sua borsa, gli occhi grandi ombreggiati da un interessante cappello di paglia.

Se devo dare una prima impressione, è stato qualcosa di simile allo spiare Ally Sheedy dal suo ruolo in The Breakfast Club, che io conosco ed è del tutto strano, dato che Lena non indossava un giaccone di pelliccia foderata.

Quando entra in una stanza non vuole essere notata, probabilmente uno dei rischi dell'essere una star riconoscibile in una città piena di persone in cerca di stelle. Lena non è un segugio, attenzione, ma non voglio definirla "terribilmente timida". In un certo senso lei è diffidente da chi la circonda. Alcune attrici passano la vita come circondate dalla nebbia; Lena sembra nettamente a conoscenza di tutto ciò che accade intorno a lei... >>

siccome tradurre non è il mio forte xD resto dell'articolo lo trovate qui

Ora la parte interessante: l'intervista in lingua originale!! :D

The interview:

There was a cursory congratulations for the show being picked up for season two, but before I could shoot any questions her way, she had one of her own:
Lena: How many [episodes] have you seen?
FaB: Just one so far.
Lena: Just one. What do you think?
[I imagine I stared for a long second before saying with incredulity...]
What do you mean what do I think? It’s awesome! It is so good. And I have to say, even early on … I knew you’d nail Cersei. I touted it.
[This is not lip service---go back to any of previous posts in which I mention Lena! Score!]
[I continue...] But… that’s part of all this. Let me start with the questions.
The first and most important thing is: How’s [your son] Wylie?
Wylie is the best thing, ever, everever. He’s super. He’s walking, he’s talking. And he’s just… He’s the light of my life. Cheesy as it is. He’s the light of my life.
I have a daughter. So I know.
How old?
Oh my god!
[She's shocked because I often act like I'm twelve.]

I’m five and a half years your elder, young lady. Respect your elder!
You are? [she adopts a rather funny American accent with a southern drawl] Well that still makes you a young faaa-ther. [back to normal] I’m scared about the teens.
The teens are interesting. You can’t control the personality, you can guide them. And you can set down rules. But if you’re too controlling…
You have to back off a little from time to time.
You do, because they push back. Because that’s what teenagers do. You remember being a teenager.
Yes. My mom often said it’s karma. So… slightly scary.
Is Wylie going to be prepared for the Coyote nickname? Because that’s going to come.
But it’s a cool nickname!
It is! “Wylie Coyote!” And you know what, that’s how the girls will get him to chase them. They’ll be like “Beep beep!” And they’ll run off. And they’ll call over, “Wylie, you have to chase us!”
Then he’ll be like, [cheerfully] “Thanks for the name, mom!”
He’ll go through peaks and valleys where he’ll like the name, he’ll love the name, he’ll hate the name… and then he’ll really love the name…
Like we all do.
You know, I’ve never met another Lena.
There’s a lot. I’ve met many in my travels. [New York accent] They’re common.

You’re sort of an International Woman of Mystery….
[Lena cackles. That amuses her!]
Well, you’re an Englishwoman, you were born in Bermuda…
[She says menacingly] I’m from the Triangle.
Ahh, see, I should have planned questions about the Bermuda Triangle… Do you know anyone that’s disappeared?
Okay. [Into mic] Interview over.
[Whispering into mic] He’s disappeared.
[After composing self] Does this mean you’ve “settled down?” You’ve worked in many places. You have a child. Does this mean you’re setting roots down?
I wish. But… seemingly, we’re picking up and going to Belfast. They’re choosing locations right now, but… I wish I could say my roots were set, but I don’t think they ever will be so long as I’m an actor. Because…
That’s part of the territory.
It’s part, yes. It’s crazy. My poor son will be like, “Where’s my bed? Where am I?”
If you’re able to bring him with you… he’ll be able to see all sorts of cool places.
I know. But you kind of feel bad as a parent. You do. A little bit of you. I want him to see the same friends, I want him to take swimming lessons… all that.

[At one point we talk about the so-called "fame game." The fact that actors sometimes get caught up in whose face is where, who gets mentioned on this talk show or that talk show, who has how many Twitter followers, and the fact that certain celebrities feel the need to be seen at all the right places. It's a given that actors have to promote their projects, but it's gotten a little beyond that with some people. And living in the L.A. area I can tell you it's just a known fact. There are certain clubs, restaurants, etc. where people go to "be seen." Put it this way: if you want a picture of Kim Kardashian, I can go get it in person within three days, because she knows exactly where to go to be seen. Lena does not play that game. So I mentioned it...]
[She's laughing but grimacing] No. I hate it.
You don’t really put yourself out there. I hate to use the word “actor’s actor…” but that’s kind of what you are. You like the craft.
[She's quieter] Yes, I do. I love what I do.
I spoke to Peter Dinklage [at the TCA's], he’s that way as well. It’s a craft. He’s not looking to have his face plastered all over every billboard.
He is but he won’t admit it. [She said that quickly and with a straight face.] Pete and I share a definite connection, and we both laugh about that. That world.
What attracted you to acting? Because that’s kind of a dichotomy. If parts of you are shy… As a child, how did you…?
I don’t know… I really don’t know. I watched lots of musicals, and I thought, “All the women look like that, and you get to dance and you get to wear all these sparkling things…” And I guess I found something in the emotion of acting. And it’s a constant challenge to find the truth. I’m not a big actor, I’m not “Rahh! Hear Me Roar!” [irony appreciated] It’s weird, because as I get older, it’s like I get more shy. And I’m still doing it. It’s a strange, addictive, weird thing.

I think the reason some actors become more shy over time has to do with the times. It’s a change in the media. It’s more aggressive.
Yes. You’re not allowed to just… work on your art. And there’s an immense pressure to be… You know. And I don’t bend to that at all. I go out the door looking like… really uncool. If someone wants to be like [makes camera clicking noise]… Me and my husband laugh, and say, “If the paparazzi comes ’round we’ll just have to do some stupid dance or something.” I’m out at 6 am. Come on. Everyone looks like shit in the morning. There’s a whole ‘nother world that’s becoming more important than the work, and so when you go to a junket where you explain every scene, explain the character, explain what you do… there’s no one left who seems to want to enjoy the entertainment. And I find that fucking weird.
[I stammer something about us being a "fan site"...]
Yeah, and with you there’s a genuine interest. And there’s a passion with the fans. There’s a want for it to be great. Which is not the paparazzi.

There is a want for it to be great. And I don’t want to say there’s a relief… but when you are, for years, telling people “This is going to be great,” you’re thinking to yourself, “Boy, this better be great.”
[She cackles] Yeah, don’t fuck up.
Yeah. When it comes out, and it gets the accolades, and the numbers start stacking up, and you’re reading all the great reviews. And you’re like, “Okay. This is good. This is real good.” And then you can go, [smugly] “Well, we were right, weren’t we?”
[Talk shifts to the subject of Peter Dinklage...]
How did you find out about the role of Cersei? How did that first come to your table?

Well, funny you should mention it. Pete and I did a little film called “Pete Smalls Is Dead” in L.A. It was low budget, and we were in this funny little trailer, and he mentioned to me, “You know I read this part for this great script, great pilot, and there’s the part of my sister…” And I said, [possible New Jersey accent here] “Mmmmreally?” And he’s like, “Mmmreally.” And I met Dave and Dan, and read for it a number of times, and you know I thought, “If you’re going to be in a series, to have a character that literally constantly changes… that’s what you want to do as an actress.” To me that’s it. To me she never stops shifting.

Yes. That’s true. And that’s true about Tyrion as well. Peter, who plays Tyrion [I said this like she didn't know---very smooth, right?] … We interviewed him, and said he loves doing movies, but the one problem with movies is you don’t get as much of a journey as you can have on a television series. There’s a freedom that you can explore this character from point A to point Z.
Pretty much all of these people, every character [in Game of Thrones]. That’s why it’s so absorbing, that nobody stops evolving, whether its good or bad. It’s just kind of brilliant.
And it’s interesting that he would have immediately thought of you as the role of Cersei…
I don’t know if he did. He just said “You should check it out.” You know how actors do…
How did you meet him?
I met Pete… we did a pilot for CBS, years ago, in Canada for a show about superheroes, and he was my professor. We keep sort of meeting. We’ve done I think three jobs together… we kept in touch… I am incredibly fond of him. In fact, I love him. I’ll put that out there.

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t finished the first book yet, the next few questions are slightly spoilerish. 


So, that in mind, season 2 is a lot of Tyrion vs. Cersei.
Is it?
Yeah. He comes to King’s Landing, he’s been told by his father, “You’re now the Hand of the King,” and she’s like…
[Cersei voice] “Wot!”
Exactly. HE’S in charge?
Right. Okay. Immediate conflict!
Yep. And you know, she’s got her plans, he’s got his plans, and they generally do not overlap.
No. Oh, that’s cool.
You are going to have such brilliant scenes with him this year.
Ahh! That’s exciting!


This may be sort of a stupid question… but do you think your friendship will affect your performance in any way?
I said to him—we spoke yesterday—well he actually said, “I think we’ll have a lot to do together,” and I said, “Yay, finally!” And then I said, “If we can not laugh [during every scene] it would be great.” But… he’s such a fucking great actor, that I get excited to work with great actors, and your game comes off, and you’re just… you’re focused. So… a massive pull for me for this was Pete. A massive pull.
That’s excellent. [FaBio waxes eloquent] When you’re an actor, and you’re in the moment, you want everyone else to be in the moment, to share with you. It’s synergy I guess?
Yes. It makes it easy.
I don’t want to say you’ve been pigeonholed… but you’ve been certainly cast in heroic roles.
[Lena breaks into mad giggles. She really finds this funny; the thought of herself playing heroic roles just tickles her.]
Sarah Connor: very strong female role. Queen Gorgo: she stabbed McNulty to death…
[To be fair it was the evil Theron she stabbed to death, but he was played by Dominic West, so it's the same thing as stabbing McNulty to death, which is pretty cool.]
[I swear she purred that word. Like a cat.]
Even as far back as The Brothers Grimm, you played Angelika, which was… heroic-ish. Though it could have been more heroic. [FaB sort of mutters to himself] After all that she was captured a little easily…
[There were editing issues with The Brothers Grimm. But I forgive Terry Gilliam any crime because he's a Python alum.]
Yeah. Me as that… [any heroic character] … It’s a bit of a comedy. I’m really an idiot. It’s hilarious to me. I’m such a goof.
Well people don’t know that side of you. If they go on Funny Or Die [Lena laughs knowingly] … they will see you in a very funny skit where you’re attempting to give your grandfather to a charity.
[Breezily] And why not?
Yes, why not? Exactly. …I have no idea how they could conceive this idea.
They are crazy over there, but hilarious.
Back to the role. Your role as Cersei has been praised. A lot of people have been praised. NewYorkMag basically said your role is essentially played as “Lady McBeth meets Mama Grizzly.”
[Primly] I take that as a compliment.
It is a compliment! Critics Alan Sepinwall and Dan Fienberg of said, “Cersei is a better character in the television series than the one that was in the books.”
[Pleased!] That’s cool.
So… yeah. But enough of those actual lauded critics. NewYorkMag, L.A. Times people. Sepinwall, Fienberg. Who are they? What do they know? Who cares what they think?! We care what Twitter thinks!
[Lena laughs] Yes, we love Twitter.
[it is known] We love Twitter. So I was following Twitter as the show was rolling, and what certain people were saying about certain characters.
All right!
@ArleighTSL says: “Lena Headey makes royal condescencion hot.”
That was my aim.
I’m not even sure how you do that. But here’s my favorite: @JayTeeBlaze says: “Apparently Lena Headey’s ass is so good, it will make you kill a 10-year old without hesitation.”
[Lena laughs loudly] That’s… I’m flattered! [then quieter] It’s not my ass.
Well. I’m not sure they meant ass as in the actual… ass. They may have meant it in a more… general… ass sense.
In a general sense. In a less perverse sense.
[FaB is unsure it is less perverse] Well…
You never know.
Strangely there were no Twitter mentions of your brunette eyebrows. Who knew?
[Lena laughs] Who knew!
Or Nikolaj’s nose.

Nikolaj’s nose, my eyebrows, Pete’s hair.
Yeah. You’re going to get sections from… Here’s the thing: you’re used to fandoms coming from certain directions.
You’ve played Sarah Connor. So you had praise, you had criticism.
Lots of criticism.
You had a lot of praise too though. There were people who loved you in that role.
Yeah. [a wry laugh] Mainly my family.
But… Okay. But there were other fandoms. I mean… What was it? With Piper [Perabo]. You were in Imagine

Imagine Me and You.
And that was relatively small film, small release. But there are multiple fan sites that are dedicated to that film. They love you, they love Piper in that film. So you’ve sort of tasted… [devoted fans] … It’s interesting.
Now you’re going to have a flood of fantasy people coming your way.
[Happy fists] Yaaaaay!
You’re really getting a little bit of every–
I’m collecting!
Yes, whoever collects the most by the end of their lifetime—
You win a lifetime supply of pancake batter.
[FaB did not know this! FaB needs to start collecting fandoms!]
How would you describe Cersei?
I do genuinely find her interesting. And I’m not familiar with the books. I haven’t read George’s books. Not that I don’t think George is insanely cool. He is. But I take the script as it is. And I don’t want to kind of… pile myself with these expectations, and the… you know. And I believe she’s somebody who, I think in innocence and in naivete, married a guy she loved. And I do think she loved Robert. And I think her world was shattered when, as she says, she quickly discovered the love was not reciprocated…
The truth comes out [on the wedding night].
The truth comes out. There wasn’t a chance for [them]. I think her relationship with her brother is a pure… kind of getting needs met. For her. I don’t think there’s any love lost there too. I think her children are who she lives and dies by. That’s it. Her world revolves around her children. That’s where her heart came back to life, with her children. That’s where it lives. And I think when she’s in court, in that arena, or she’s with her brother Tyrion… I think she just exists on paranoia and survival. And that’s it. And that’s why—I hear—later on she kind of crumbles and gets her comeuppance.

SPOILER ALERT! Some pretty big spoilers here from book four. 


Well. That’s up to interpretation. One thing about George’s book, until a character’s actually dead and buried in the ground, and even sometimes not even then, you really don’t … [know their ultimate fate]. As to Cersei’s actual motivations, George had stayed away from that in the first 3 books. We only knew her from what other people saw. Her public persona. It isn’t until the 4th book, where he started to write Cersei chapters, where you say, “Wow, she had a very interesting childhood.”
And what happened with that?
[FaB is nervous] I don’t want to spoil it…
Come on!

[And here is where FaB may have failed in the "House Gatewatch - Always Support the Bottom" oath. This was tricky territory. I knew we only had a limited amount of time left with the interview. How much to go into? How much to spoil? There's a huge part of me that says, "Tell her all of what went on, all of it!" Except ... Lena's got her own method, that's clear. I don't want to screw with her process. And what if Dave and D.B. have changed pieces of the past? Cersei is certainly a more nuanced character in the television series. Does her fucked up childhood even exist here? Lena clearly wants to know, but ... I was really hesitant.]
There were definitely some controlling issues. Her father is extremely controlling. It’s… there’s a… I don’t want to say there were abuse issues. Not physically, but I think certainly there were emotional ones.
I think she is incredibly… There’s a part of her that wishes she was a man. Because they have the power.
And she does what she can to control her world. And manipulate what she can.

And I think she absolutely operates on fear. Her own, and other peoples’.
Yes. She knows how to…
Fuck with people. Fuck over people.
[I had to laugh] Yes.
[Lena speaking as Cersei] “Thanks, dad!”
Her mother died when she was relatively young. Tyrion’s birth killed her [Joanna Lannister], so there is some blame that is going there for that. Suddenly you now have Cersei, who is the only woman now—the only female—in this family of men. So… personally, I think her father Tywin expected her to step up into almost a “queenly” role right away, which is why he manuevered to do what he did, marrying her to whoever would be king.
[So from here I was going to bring up more backstory. But again I hesitated. I wasn't sure I had much time left for this huge information dump:]
1. Tywin had intended to wed teenage Cersei to Rhaegar, Mad King Aerys’s heir, which would make her the eventual queen. And Cersei’s crush on Rhaegar was a lot like Sansa’s crush on Joffrey; for a while she was out of her mind “in love” with Rhaegar.
2. That plan goes to hell when the Mad King tells Tywin he is “the ablest of servants,” but does not intend to marry his son to a servant’s daughter. (Which is of course part of what motivates Tywin to aid in overthrowing the Mad King.) Rhaegar instead marries the princess of Dorne.
3. Rhaegar, apparently not happy with just one wife, later steals Lyanna Stark (Robert’s love), which pretty much starts the war.
4. Lyanna dies… Robert kills Rhaegar in battle… Jaime murders the King… and Tywin instead brokers a marriage between Robert and Cersei, making her queen.
[Cersei loved Robert. I think the only thing up for debate, exactly, is for how long? He certainly avenged her wounded pride. He was handsome and heroic in his day. I think for the shortest moment he replaced Rhaegar in her mind. But that ended on the wedding night. And later in A Feast For Crows she says that she never forgave him for killing Rhaegar---her first crush.]
[Why am I going through all this, you ask? Because all this went through my head in approximately 1.5 seconds when I was trying to consider how much time I had to give Lena all this backstory. Which is why I ultimately couldn't do it. It was just too much information in too short a time. But go ahead, boo me at will.]
[Lena asks...] Doesn’t she go to prison, ultimately?
Yes, but… she’s still imprisoned at the end of the fourth book, however we don’t know what the end result of that is going to be. There’s still a swing of power going on. She could still slither her way out of that and back into power. Which is why we’re in part waiting for this fifth book, and hopefully that will reveal…
You’ve been waiting for how long?
A long time. Well, for me it’s been less. I started reading late. Five years for me. [Four actually. I can't count.] But six for everyone else.
And when’s it out?
[Lena claps] Ahh! Well done, George!
Yes, well done George.


[As time winds down, I quickly ask Lena about a side project she's been working on, because I heard about it on what is probably her most popular fan site, Lena Headey Online. She's writing it, directing it, and getting a number of colleagues and friends together to work on it, including one of my favorites, John Cleese!]
Tell me a little about Sophisticates. Or it’s been renamed?
Yes, Desperadoes. It’s just a sort of observation. A story about people who have a desire and drive to create and to be recognized in some way. It’s about getting recognition. Whether it’s through filming a scene in your living room, or playing the DVD for their friends, and them being reactive… It’s about that. When you put a camera on anyone, there’s always a certain curiosity to see themselves. Even if they’re like ‘No no no!” they still want to see themselves. And some people are like, “Ohh, I’m quite good.” Or, “Oh, I’m awful.”
What sort of progress have you made?
I experimented with it a couple of years back. And that for me was … sort of me putting my money where my mouth is, as a wannabe aspiring director. So I went and shot it for like 5 days… but we never got to edit, and then I did a rough edit… and then it sort of fell by the wayside because life gets in the way. And I have kind of reconfigured it… I have been shooting stuff myself, I’m going to shoot the other episodes, and have been teaching myself how to edit. It’s become a really funny, organic mockumentary. I’ve written three episodes, we’re shooting two episodes the 14th and 15th of May… It’s very rough. But I think that adds to the whole tragic-ness. It’s really about desperation. Hence it’s called Desperadoes.
That sounds great!
[If this is even half as funny as her Funny Or Die skit, it will be hilarious.]
Winter Is Coming will get a sneak peek.
Oh, excellent. We would love that!
[FaB finally comes to the reason behind the whole interview...]
Lastly, this is more of a personal issue for myself. I am currently starting my own movement to ban the color indigo from the seven color spectrum. It doesn’t belong. Indigo is just another version of purple. To me. I just feel deeply about this.
Okay. [She sounds a little... amazed?] Wow. Yes.
I want to know: Would you support that or are you pro-indigo?
… I’m going to have to say I’m pro-indigo. [gently] I’m so sorry.
It’s alright. Sophie Turner is also pro-indigo. Loudly.
I have to agree with the girls. It’s pretty beautiful.
[Distantly, coolly, primly...] I’m afraid I have to wrap this up now.
[She's laughing and coughing. Either I'm funny or I've completely worn her vocal chords out.]
Sorry to leave you like that.
The warmth I was feeling from Lena Headey…
It’s gone. It’s been ripped from your heart.
I’m cold.
I’ve slapped you across the face with indigo.
You have to accept it.

Thanks, Lena!

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Game of thrones 1x02 [SUB ITA]

 Sottotitoli 1x02
 free download

Cosa ne pensate della prima puntata? :D
...commentiamo insieme l'episodio :D

info sulla puntata:

  1x02 The Kingsroad

Titolo originale: The Kingsroad
Diretto da: Tim Van Patten
Scritto da: David Benioff, D.B. Weiss

Nell'accampamento Dothraki, Viserys dichiara di voler restare vicino alla sorella finché non avrà ottenuto gli eserciti che gli sono stati promessi. Daenerys inizia ad innamorarsi di Khal Drogo e si fa insegnare dall'ancella Doreah i segreti dell'amore. 

Al di là del mare stretto i Lannister scoprono che Bran è sopravvissuto alla caduta, e giace a letto in stato di incoscienza. Grande Inverno si svuota: Lord Eddard Stark e le sue figlie partono per il Sud, verso Approdo del Re, mentre Jon Snow si dirige verso la Barriera assieme al folletto Tyrion. Re Robert scopre che la discendente dei Targaryen si è sposata con un Kahl dei Dothraki, e manifesta l'intenzione di mandare un assassino per finirla, ma Eddard si oppone. Un altro assassino, invece, assale Bran nel suo letto ma l'attentato viene sventato grazie all'intervento di Catelyn e del meta-lupo del ragazzo. Catelyn, scossa dall'avvenimento, dichiara di voler cavalcare verso Sud per incontrare Eddard e metterlo in guardia contro i Lannister. 

Nell'accampamento costruito dal seguito del Re, il principe Joffrey e lady Sansa trovano Arya sulla riva di un fiume, mentre duella con il garzone di un macellaio di nome Mycah. Il principe ferisce il ragazzo con la sua spada, e Arya reagisce colpendolo con un bastone. Il ragazzo inizia a mulinare pericolosamente la sua lama, ma Arya viene salvata dalla sua meta-lupa, che morde il braccio di Joffrey. In seguito entrambe scappano e Arya costringe Nymeria a fuggire tra i boschi per sfuggire ai soldati. Accusata di aver assalito l'erede al trono, la ragazza viene portata in giudizio davanti alla corte. Il Re decreta l'uccisione del lupo ma, non riuscendo a trovare Nymeria, decide di sopprimere Lady, la meta-lupa di Sansa. Eddard Stark sostiene che togliere la vita ad un animale del Nord è compito suo. Mentre si dirige verso la lupa scopre che Sandor Clegane, il mastino, ha assassinato il piccolo Mycah per ordine di Joffrey. Eddard compie con gravità il suo difficile compito, tagliando la gola alla lupa. Molto più a Nord, a Grande Inverno, Bran apre gli occhi nel suo letto.

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"Game of Thrones" ha debuttato e ha già giudizi e valutazioni forti. Come "Boardwalk Empire", è stato rinnovato per una seconda stagione dopo un solo episodio in onda. HBO ha inviato agli elettori degli Emmy un pacchetto impressionante e ha confermato i posizionamenti nelle categorie per i suoi due nuovi "drama":

"Game of Thrones"
Drama Series

Drammatico Attore: Sean Bean

Drammatico Attrice: Lena Headey

Drammatico attore non protagonista: Mark Addy, Peter Dinklage, Nicolaj Coster-Waldau, Aiden Gillen, Harington Kit, Jason Momoa

Drammatico attrice non protagonista: Clarke Emilia, Michelle Fairley

fonte: x

Voi quale attore avete preferito vedendo la prima puntata e quale non vi è piaciuto!? ^^

Seconda serie!

Dopo solo un episodio, la serie è stata rinnovata per una seconda stagione :D

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Game of thrones 1x01 Winter Is Coming [SUB ITA]

Finalmente ieri è stata trasmessa la prima puntata!
Per chi cerca i sottotitoli della preview, cliccate il link seguente:

Sottotitoli della PREVIEW

Mentre per i sottotitoli della puntata 1x01 cliccate il seguente link:

 Sottotitoli del PILOT
 free download

Cosa ne pensate della prima puntata? :D
...commentiamo insieme l'episodio :D

info sulla puntata:

1x01 Winter Is Coming

Titolo originale: Winter Is Coming
Diretto da: Tim Van Patten
Scritto da: David Benioff, D.B. Weiss

Una piccola premessa... Sono passati diversi mesi e le notizie più recenti indicano alcuni cambiamenti allo script. Alcuni ruoli sono stati privati totalmente di battute, mentre altri, probabilmente Arya e Sansa hanno ricevuto più spazio.

La scena con la quale si apre il pilot corrisponde al prologo nella sua interezza, siamo nel gelo del Nord, incontriamo strane creature un pò Alien un pò Terminator, e tre guardiani vestiti di nero, assistiamo ad un bagno di sangue, solo uno di loro riesce a scappare.

Sequenza di apertura molto bella: un paio di vecchie mani scrivono un messaggio, un corvo.

Dopo la sequenza di apertura ritorniamo al Nord, lo sappiamo perchè riconosciamo subito il tizio che sta per essere decapitato, è Gared, il guardiano della notte fuggito nel prologo. Ad assistere all'esecuzione vi sono Lord Eddard Stark (Sean Bean), Ned per gli amici, le sue guardie ed i suoi figli Robb (Richard Madden), Bran, Rickon, Jon Snow il bastardo (Kit Harington), e il suo protetto Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen).

Scopriamo che Lord Stark non usa un boia, è tradizione al Nord che chi promulga una sentenza la debba anche eseguire.

Un aspetto importante nelle Cronache è quello profetico e nella prossima scena ne abbiamo subito un assaggio: usciti per una battuta di caccia Lord Stark ed i suoi figli scoprono una femmina di meta-lupo (traduzione approssimativa di direwolf) morta ed i suoi cuccioli, tre maschi e due femmine, proprio come i rampolli Stark. Ned si fa convincere dal suo bastardo nel tenerli, è un segno del destino, fa intendere. Questi cuccioli cresceranno assieme ai giovani Stark e tra di loro si creerà uno straordinario rapporto di simbiosi. Anche Jon Snow ottiene il suo cucciolo, un lupo albino, trovato poco più in là, un figlio bastardo come lui, ci viene da pensare.

Adesso l'ambientazione cambia totalmente, siamo in una terra lontana, orientale, esotica, qui incontriamo Viserys Targaryen (Harry Lloyd), il cosiddetto Re Mendicante, che pianifica il suo ritorno nel continente di Westeros con il ricco mercante che lo ha accolto, un certo Illyrio. Il loro piano è quello di far sposare la sua giovane sorella Daenerys (Tamzin Merchant) a tale Drogo, potente signore Dothraki (una specie di Gengis Khan, anche nei tratti somatici) contro la promessa di un esercito. Adesso finalmente iniziamo a comprendere il titolo della serie, questo è il Gioco del Trono.

Oltre alle scene dei libri gli sceneggiatori hanno aggiunto una -splendida- introduzione dei tre fratelli Lannister, perfetta nel cogliere la loro essenza, almeno quella che esternamente appare, in questa storia i personaggi non sono mai scontati. Veniamo a sapere che il Primo Cavaliere è morto e che il Re ha già in mente il sostituto, sembra anche che nessuno sarà contento a riguardo, lo sentiamo, adesso, guai in arrivo. Indimenticabile lo scambio di battute tra Jaime (Nicolaj Coster-Waldau), Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) e una "pu***na dai capelli rossi" in un bordello di Approdo del Re.

Neanche il tempo di riprendere fiato che Re Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy), con tanto di consorte, figli, cognati, guardie, baldracche, giullari e chi più ne ha più ne metta è arrivato a Grande Inverno, sede della casa Stark.

Ciò che ci sorprende è l'abbraccio tra Ned Stark ed il Re, notiamo che sono amici di lunga data e che Robert non ha mai dimenticato la sua defunta promessa sposa Lyanna (sorella di Ned, ndr), tanto da voler subito andare a visitarla nelle cripte, questo suscita irritazione nella Regina, un po' stronza, pensiamo.
Quello che invece nota Lord Stark -seguiamo il racconto dalla sua prospettiva- è che il re non è più quell'aitante giovane che conquistò il trono, quindici anni di vino, banchetti, puttane e cacce al cinghiale lo hanno un po' rammollito.

Nelle cripte, i due vecchi amici discutono alla luce di una torcia, come da programma Ned Stark accetta riluttante il ruolo di Primo Cavaliere, così come il ruolo di futura Regina per sua figlia Sansa (Sophie Turner), che verrà promessa a Joffrey (Jack Gleeson), l'erede al trono. La scena si chiude con lo sguardo di Ned che incrocia quello pietrificato dei suoi avi, i quali non sembrano approvare.

La scena successiva del banchetto scorre grossomodo come descritto nei libri.
Siamo giunti ora a pagina 42, mancano circa venti minuti alla fine del pilot, le cose adesso dovrebbero farsi più interessanti, e Game Of Thrones non delude. Catelyn Stark (Jennifer Ehle) riceve una lettera dalla sorella Lysa, quest'ultima sostiene che la Regina Cersei (Lena Headey) è la responsabile della morte di suo marito Jon Arryn, il defunto primo cavaliere del Re.

Conosciamo finalmente le figlie di Ned e Catelyn: Sansa, la più grande, educata e dolce è già regale nel suo portamento; ed Arya (Maisie Williams), tutto l'opposto, una scheletrica testa calda, un maschiaccio, non proprio una lady. Nel frattempo, nel cortile dell'armeria, i giovani rampolli si sfidano a colpi di spade di legno, Robb Stark e il Principe Joffrey compresi. Il biondissimo erede al trono non ci sembra molto simpatico, sembra abbia preso dalla madre, è inoltre accompagnato da un certo Sandor, detto il Mastino (Rory McCann), un'orrendo gigante dalla faccia bruciata.

Torniamo in quella terra lontana dove va in scena il matrimonio tra la piccola e fragile Daenerys e il signore dei Dothraki Khal Drogo, i due sposi certo non conversano molto, nessuno dei due parla la lingua dell'altro, in compenso non mancano di celebrare la prima notte di nozze come si deve, attenzione questa è la HBO, nessuna questione di censura quindi.

Scena finale, qui non posso e non devo rivelarvi troppo, vi dico solo che Bran si diverte come al solito a scalare le mura delle torri di Grande Inverno e che durante una delle sue scalate sente delle voci, sbircia dentro una finestra e…

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domenica, aprile 17, 2011

..ancora trailer..

Ci stanno mostrando tutto il serial a furia di fare trailer e video dietro le quinte o di altre scene xD
ma non ci lamentiamo u.u anzi non vediamo l'ora *_*

Si da inizio ai balli :D

Oggi andrà in onda il pilot della serie :D

ecco l'ultimo trailer! :D

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